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The Jixi Highway Administration Bureau of Anhui province invites the lighting of our company to investigate the lighting situation of the coal mountain tunnel. According to the survey situation, the coal mountain is used by the traditional metal halide lamp, the lighting of the tunnel is very low and the traffic danger is very low. As a result, a series of rectification schemes are carried out, and under the premise of the original lighting fixtures, the company SHT series of tunnel lights are used, and the overall tunnel illumination (LUX) is greatly improved after the installation is completed. The tunnel is divided into 5 stages. The tunnel is a two hole one-way driving, and the lighting of the left and right tunnels of the tunnel are the same, in turn. They are the entry section, the transition section, the basic section and the exit section.上鸿照明项目经理及工程师实地勘察图:隧道改造前图片展示:使用上鸿SHT隧道灯改造后图片展示:

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