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Key design technology of LED industrial and mining lamp

New technologies, new materials and new technologies are constantly applied to the design of high-power LED light sources, laying a solid foundation for the design of high-power LED lamps and lanterns. In LED lamps and lanterns, the important components are three parts: drive, light source and heat dissipation.

1. Drive

The power supply is a high quality, high efficiency and high stability LED water proof constant current driving power specially designed for LED. With quick start, wide compatible load range and complete protection function, the import voltage AC85-265V, high precision constant current control, high efficiency and reliable performance, and the appearance structure of all aluminum will make LED lamps more safe and stable.

2. Light source selection

At present, high power LED light sources are more famous brands: CREE, OSRAM, NICHIA, Lumileds (the earliest LED), in addition, the Taiwan manufacturer's crystal element, Addison and the domestic packaging plant Shenzhen Wan run, Zhuhai Ruifeng, Jiangxi LIAN and so on are also more popular brand.

3. Heat dissipation design

In high power LED, heat dissipation is a big problem. For example, if the 1 10W white light LED has the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 20%, the electrical energy of the 8W is converted into thermal energy. If no heat dissipation is used, the core temperature of the high power LED will rise rapidly, and when its junction temperature (TJ) rises above the permissible temperature of * * (generally 150), the high power LED will be damaged by overheating. Therefore, the heat dissipation design is also the most important content. The following are the two aspects of aluminum substrate and radiator to explore the heat dissipation design.

3-1, substrate selection

In the application of LED products, it is usually necessary to assemble multiple LED light sources on a circuit substrate. In addition to the role of the structure of the LED module, the circuit board, on the other hand, has to play the role of heat dissipation as the output power of the LED becomes higher and higher, so as to send out the heat generated by the LED crystal. Therefore, the material selection must take into account the requirements of the structural strength and heat dissipation. For substrates, we compare FR4, ceramic substrate and MCPCB. respectively.

(1) the thermal conductivity of FR4 is about 0.36W/m. K, which can not meet the heat dissipation requirements of high power LED lighting.

(2) the thermal conductivity of Ceramic is greater than 80W/m. K, which is expensive, poor workability and can not be used in large area.

(3) MCPCB thermal conductivity is greater than 2.0W/m. K, moderate price, strong processing, mature technology, mass production.

3-2 radiator design

The function of the radiator is to absorb the heat transferred from the substrate or chip, and then spread to the external environment to ensure the normal temperature of the LED chip. Most of the radiators are carefully designed for natural convection and forced convection. That is, the active radiator and the passive radiator.

4, the characteristics of LED industrial and mining lamps:

4-1, LED industrial and mining lamps use a single large power LED lamp as light source, using a unique multi chip set single mode group light source design, selected imported high brightness semiconductor wafers, with high thermal conductivity, light fading, pure color, no heavy shadow and other characteristics;

4-2, the unique design of heat dissipating body, combined with the electric box, effectively diffusion of heat, thus reducing the temperature in the lamp, effectively ensuring the life of the light source and power.

4-3. The surface of the radiator is anodized and anti-corrosive, and the structure is compact and beautiful.

4-4, green environmental pollution, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

4-5. The color display is good, the color of the object is more genuine, the various light and color can be selected. It can meet the needs of different environment, eliminate the depressing emotion caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps and lanterns, make the vision feel comfortable and improve the work efficiency of people.

4-6. Using constant current and constant pressure control, the voltage wide is applied to overcome the power grid, noise pollution and light instability caused by the ballast, so as to avoid the stimulation and fatigue in the eye.

4-7, the decorative effect is good, the special surface treatment technology is adopted, the appearance is novel, the installation is simple, the disassembly is convenient, and the application scope is broad.

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