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Reform scheme for industrial lighting

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The task of factory enterprises is to ensure that the operators of the equipment work in a safe and reliable lighting environment with suitable brightness. The professional LED lighting solution can ensure the safety of personnel and the safe operation of equipment, detect equipment failures in time, and improve the efficiency of equipment maintenance and inspection. So as to improve the system's electrical transport level and ensure the reliability of the system. To ensure a safe and reliable working environment is our common desire with the industry.

At present, energy saving and emission reduction has become a basic national policy. Facing the weakness of the current power market, the pilot of the decline in load rate and the economic dispatch of energy saving, the depth of the potential and energy saving is a task that the enterprise must promote.

The current situation of lighting in domestic enterprises:

Now the lighting level of the factory still stays in the four and 50s of the last century. The lighting source is still using incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, low efficiency, poor color display, poor lighting effect, waste of energy, poor running quality and high maintenance cost. From the perspective of new power plants, many of the illuminator designed and manufactured are outdated products, which are still equipped with relatively backward appliances and light sources. For old power plants, there is no special transformer for lighting, the voltage fluctuation is greater, and the damage to the illuminator is more prominent. The actual situation of the power plant is: the voltage fluctuation is large, and the voltage is high, the environment temperature of some places is high, the dust is much, and the environmental conditions are poor.

In view of the lighting environment characteristics of factory enterprises, high requirements are put forward for the matching lighting fixtures, which are not only aseismatic, high temperature resistant environment, long life, and wide range of voltage adaptation, but these requirements are the advantages of semiconductor LED lighting fixtures.

The characteristics of future economic and social life -- low carbon economy

Low carbon economy (low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission) is a fundamental change in the concept of human survival and development.

1. The background of LED lighting:

The history of the development of A and lighting

The development history of lighting is a history of human evolution. With every change of mankind, lighting technology has made a qualitative leap. Ancient wood drilled by mankind has opened a new chapter in the history of human illumination.

In 1879, Edison finally lit the first practical electric lamp in the world through repeated experiments.

In 1938, Iman of the Universal Electronics Inc of the United States invented the traditional fluorescent lamp. This fluorescent lamp is a tubular lamp with a certain amount of mercury injected into the tube. The inner wall of the lamp tube is coated with phosphor, and there is a filament at both ends of the lamp. When energized, the electrons emitted from the electrodes collide with the mercury atoms, causing ionization of the mercury atoms to ionize and emit ultraviolet light, and ultraviolet light stimulates phosphor emission.

In 1978, Holland PHILPS first invented the electronic energy-saving lamp, also called the compact fluorescent lamp. Because of his high light efficiency (5 times the ordinary light bulb), the energy saving effect was obviously long life (6-8 times the ordinary light bulb), and the advantages of small volume and convenience were paid attention to and welcomed by the people and the country.

In 1962, the first LED light source was born, and now it has broken through the bottleneck of the semiconductor lighting technology industry and developed a series of LED lighting products which are more efficient, energy saving, more environmentally friendly and longer life, which will completely subvert the traditional lighting age.

Development trend of industrial lighting

1, more use of functional lighting (local key lighting). More emphasis on local lighting is conducive to the humanization of the working environment, and is conducive to energy saving and subdivision of the working environment.

2, establish appropriate lighting standards according to different users, such as age and visual acuity.

3, the working environment is more natural and comfortable with the help of good lighting.

4. In order to improve the comfort of lighting, the evaluation mode of indoor glare (UGR) has already entered the national lighting standard regulation range. Because the calculation method of UGR depends on the characteristics of lamps and lanterns in a large way, the design ability of the lamps and lanterns of the manufacturer is higher.

5. In many industrial production environments, a considerable number of conditions are established in the angle of vertical observation. Therefore, the vertical illumination of the lighting is also required, especially in the field inspection operation, and the strict requirements for the vertical illumination are inseparable.

6. Different production environments require different illuminance balance. Sometimes the key parts need to be illuminated. Sometimes the index of uniformity should be increased very high.

我要评论 只有购买过该商品的用户才能评论。

LED recommended 30W installation height: 3M installation spacing: 10-15mLED recommended 40W installation height: 4m installation spacing: 15-20mLED recommended 45W installation height: 5m installation spacing: 15-18mLED recommended 50W installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22mLED recommended 55W installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23mLED recommended 60W installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25mMatters needing attention1. LED industrial and mining lights and driving power must be installed in an open space, which is conducive to heat dissipation.2., we must regularly clean up the LED industrial and mining lights and the dust of the driving power, so as to ensure good heat dissipation.The Shang hung lighting industrial and mining lamp is divided into three parts in the packaging box, the lamp body, lampshade and accessories (several screws, convex lens, fixed hanging ring).1, after taking out the items in the package, first check the items.2, fix the convex lens on the lamp body, pay attention to the hole position. When placing the correct position, the COB light source should be in the middle position of the convex lens, and the screw should be tightened.3. The lamp shade is fixed on the lamp body. For the sake of convenient operation, the lamp body can be inverted on the table first, and then the lamp shade is picked up to position the hole on the lamp body. Tighten with the screw!4. Hang the ring on the lamp body. The fixed hook is threaded and can be directly fasten on the lamp body.5. The assembly steps are completed. Next, the hanging rings of the LED industrial and mining lamps are aligned to the reserved hooks.6, the wiring of the remaining LED industrial and mining lights has been worked. Attention should be paid to the distinction between zero line and fire line. To ensure safety, please install by professional electricians.Generally speaking, the installation procedure of LED industrial and mining lamps is like this. After installation, remember the electricity detection.Shang Hong lighting

As an ordinary consumer, we choose the product to take more account of the price of the product, then the appearance quality, and so on. Sometimes the price exceeds the budget, and will choose to give up the purchase. But choosing LED industrial and mining lamps in industry must lighten the price factors, instead of paying no attention to price, but choosing products with higher cost performance. How can we choose products that are more suitable for our needs?Here is a brief introduction to the selection method.First, import chip, export quality brand guarantee:The imported chip is used to optimize the LED packaging structure to achieve the advantages of low light failure, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The key components of the power supply use the world brand to ensure the service life of the lamps.Two. High efficiency heat dissipation:The crystal lens is used to distribute light to meet the lighting needs of different occasions. The design of the permeable structure is adopted to optimize the heat dissipation structure to ensure the life of lamps and lanterns.Three, high quality lamp body:Light alloy material, special seal and surface coating treatment, ensure that the lamp is never corroded in the bad environment such as damp and high temperature. The lamp body that never rusts and is made of aerospace aluminum material, the surface is treated with anodizing and hardening, and the texture is thick, compression resistant and wearable, never fading.Four. Imported lenses:The imported integrated V level optical PMA lens has high transmittance of over 95% and uniform luminescence.Five. Drive power supply:Silicone perfusion, heat dissipation is stronger, waterproof grade IP65, high precision current constant, ensure product life longer.Six, aluminum mask:The use of high quality aluminum diffuser, light efficiency divergence, wider range of illumination, concentrated light astigmatism, multiple options, suitable for daily environmental lighting.Seven. Power connection:The crude industrial grade copper wire, the international standard three core wire, has stronger conductivity, safer and more durable.Eight, to create a professional lighting solution:The outer shell uses aluminum alloy (customer's optional), the outer cover adopts high efficiency lens (customer's optional), heat dissipate with copper sheet and aluminum alloy strip to heat natural air to make heat dissipate more, and will change continuously with different needs of customers. The power of LED industrial and mining lamp is only 20% of sodium lamp, equivalent to 100W's LED industry and mine. The lamp can replace the 500W sodium lamp, especially in line with the "green low carbon" proposed by the state.Knowing above, I believe that when you choose LED industrial and mining lights, you will take comprehensive consideration. Hangzhou Shang hung lighting serves you wholeheartedly.

Industrial and mining lamps are the full name of lamps used in the production area of factories and mines. The LED lamp is an important part of urban lighting, and it is gradually replacing the status of traditional industrial and mining lamps. The LED industrial and mining lamps are gradually beginning to permeate in the life. The effect of the unique LED light source is the dust of the traditional industrial and mining lights.Traditional industrial and mining lamps often use 250W and 400W metal halide lamps. The 360 degree luminescence of metal halide lamps and the large loss of light cause huge waste of energy. Therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color index, environmental protection of the LED industrial and mining lights for national industrial lighting energy saving is of great significance.LED industrial and mining lamps are used to replace the traditional industrial and mining lights. Why do you use the LED lamp to replace it? Because the LED light source has its unique advantages: energy saving, mercury free pollution, long life, fast response time and safety.Industrial and mining lamps can be divided into traditional light industrial and mining lamps and LED industrial and mining lamps according to the light source. Compared with traditional industrial and mining lamps, LED industrial and mining lamps and lanterns have great advantages:1 LED industrial and mining lights show high RA>702 the LED mine has higher efficiency and more energy saving. The equivalent of 100W's LED industrial and mining lamp can replace the traditional 250W lamp.3 the traditional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature of lamps and lanterns, and the temperature of lamps can reach 200-300 degrees. LED itself is a cold light source, lamps and lanterns are low and safer.4 LED industrial and mining lamps in the continuous innovation, * * type fin type radiator industrial and mineral lamps more reasonable radiator design, greatly reduced the weight of industrial and mining lamps and lanterns, the overall weight of the 80W LED industrial and mining lamps down to below 4KG, and can solve the 280-300W LED industrial and mining lights heat dissipation.Compared with the brightness of 100 watt LED, the brightness of the industrial halogen lamp is equal to 250 watts, and the average illumination does not weaken.Compared with energy saving, with 100 lamps and lanterns as an example, the average daily use of 10 hours, electricity charges 1 yuan / degree, LED industrial and mining lamps daily electricity 100 yuan.The electric cost of the gold halogen lamp is 250 yuan per day. Replacing the 250 Watt gold halide lamp with 100 watt LED industrial and mining lamps can save electricity by 4500 yuan per month, saving electricity by 54750 yuan per year.The life span of the life gold halogen lamp is 8000 hours, the LED lamp can reach 30 thousand hours - the equivalent of 10 hours a day for the light. It can be used for 8 years, greatly reducing the cost of changing the light. The cost performance is really high.It contains mercury in ordinary lamps, including gold halogen lamps, and the mercury contained in dozens of gold halogen lamps can pollute the whole of West Lake, and the LED industrial and mining lamps have no mercury, xenon and other pollution elements, which are typical green light sources.Compared with the healthy gold halogen lamp, the light will produce ultraviolet and infrared light, the heat is large, the air is dry, and the LED lamp does not radiate. It protects the eyes and health of the body.Therefore, the emergence of LED industrial and mining lamps has gradually replaced the traditional industrial and mining lamps.Shang Hong lighting

Innovation leads the trend, science and technology * * the future. Under the background of low carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection, the development of LED industry in ChinaRapidly, it has shifted from a single industrial chain of development to a new mode of diversification and self-help R & D. With energy saving and environmental protectionWith the increasing demand, the prospects for the development of LED industry have been well received. Many enterprises have developed one after another, driven by huge potential benefits.Fixed industry development policy to promote the rapid growth of LED industry.Under the background of energy shortage and the world's advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection, all things that are conducive to this are all people.Pay attention to it. The new technology product LED industrial and mining lamp is a product with broad prospects.As we all know, LED industrial and mining lamps are high-power lamps and lanterns used in industrial and mining areas.The special radiator design has excellent lighting function, high concentrating ability, good color rendering, environmental protection and energy saving.Yes, they are unanimously approved by the demand.Today, its use extends to large and small factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. It is a combination of differentThe different needs of customers are constantly changing in shape and built-in, which is more in line with the actual needs, and is more in line with the state.The "green low carbon" environmental protection action is advocated. In view of the energy saving transformation of LED industrial and mining lamps, the effect is very significant. It has a very high level.Excellent energy saving effect, at the same time, the service life is more than ten times of the traditional lighting lamps, and it can effectively reduce installation costs and after.The maintenance cost, which has long-term benefits to users, has broad prospects and is an ideal luminaire for customers to choose.There is no limit to the future development. We must keep pace with the times, scientifically apply management, work hard to harvest, and continue to grow bigger and stronger.Shang Hong lighting

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