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The design of the second generation and the significance of the epoch-making


In the field of LED industrial lighting, most of the lamps are single in shape, simple in design and cumbersome in installation. It's like walking through a manual workshop in 80s.

After doing a lot of market research, Shang hung has found that besides the performance of lamps and lanterns, customers also have higher requirements for appearance. Combining the technical experience of Shang hung lighting and the introduction of UFO Tiantan's flying saucer high shed industrial and mining lamp, it combines the inherent high performance + appearance high color value.



Good cooling system will greatly improve the life of lamps and reduce the decay of light. Coupled with high efficiency lenses, you need not worry about the low brightness and the darker use of lamps.


Protection level of IP65 + long to the outgoing warranty

Waterproof and dust-proof is suitable for all kinds of bad working environment. 3 to 5 years warranty period makes you have no worries.


German imported OSRAM chip + convenient installation method

The rigorous craft of the Germanic people will not make any mistakes in the work of lamps and lanterns. A simple iron chain can hold him firmly in his post. No need for tedious, only to let you save.                                          

The style of life lies in your taste, and the quality of the product lies in your choice. Only choose the right time will prove your rationality and vision.

The premise of the service is profit, the profit space can be squeezed, but it can not disappear, otherwise there will be service along with the loss of profits.

Making lamps and lanterns is a conscience. We would rather explain the price for a while, and never apologize to customers for their quality.



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