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  • With the development of industry, all kinds of products need production and processing. The factory workshop is inseparable from the lighting. In order to ensure the production of workers and the smooth operation of the inspection work, a good lighting fixture is needed in the workshop workshop to meet the needs of the workers' work. LED industrial and mining lamps are mainly used to replace traditional high power industrial luminaires for industrial lighting and other complex environments. So where are the characteristics of the LED industrial and mining lights?1, LED industrial and mining lamp service life long, LED as solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, no light emission, heat deposition, light failure and other shortcomings, LED industrial and mining lamps in the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of up to 60 thousand to 100 thousand hours, LED industrial and mining lights longer than the traditional light source life longer than 10 times.2, environmental protection, LED industrial and mining lights are made from non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury will cause pollution, while LED can also be recycled. LED industrial and mining lamp spectrum does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays. Unlike traditional light sources, it is surrounded by many mosquitoes around lamps. No heat, no radiation, little glare, cold light source, safe touch.3, LED industry and mine have high lighting efficiency and high luminous efficiency.4, LED industrial and mining lamp adopts constant current driving power, high PF value, no power grid pollution.5. It has the advantages of low power consumption, light weight and so on.As we all know, the disadvantage of LED lamps and lanterns is that the temperature is too high. How can we do better to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED industrial and mining lamps?The life of the LED lamp depends largely on the heat dissipation level of the lamps and lanterns, and the main way to improve the heat dissipation is to pass the excess heat generated by the chip through the heat sink and heat sink. At the same time, the main parameters related to the LED heat dissipation are thermal resistance, nodal temperature and temperature rise.Thermal resistance refers to the difference between the effective temperature of the device and the temperature of the external reference point, divided by the quotient of the steady-state power dissipation in the device. It is the most important parameter to indicate the degree of heat dissipation.Junction temperature refers to the temperature of the semiconductor junction in the main heating part of the LED device. It reflects the temperature value of LED devices under working conditions. The heat resistance of chips and phosphors is very high, which basically has no effect on the life of the devices.The temperature rise of the tube shell - the temperature rise of the environment. It refers to the difference between the shell temperature and the ambient temperature of the LED device. It is a temperature value that can be measured directly, and it can directly reflect the degree of heat dissipation in the peripheral of LED devices. If Wen Sheng is too high, the maintenance rate of LED light source will be greatly reduced.In addition, the design of LED lamps and lanterns, in addition to improving the efficiency of the lamps and lanterns, the requirements of light matching and the appearance of the appearance, should also improve the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns. The heat conduction materials are used and some nano materials are applied to the heat dissipating body. The thermal conductivity of the lamps is increased by 30%. In addition, it is necessary to have better mechanical and sealing properties. The radiator must be dust-proof. The temperature rise of LED lamps should be less than 30 degrees.
  • LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 30W: 3M, installation interval: 10-15m;LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 40W: 4m, installation interval: 15-20m;LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 45W: 5m, installation interval: 15-18m;LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 50W: 6m, installation interval: 18-22m;LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 55W: 7m, installation interval: 20-23m;LED recommended installation height of industrial and mining lamp 60W: 8m, installation interval: 23-25m;Interval 4 to 6m one can, if to bright some, then 4m is 16 square per square, 80*100/16=500 lamp, if not too bright, the 6m is 36 square per square, 80-100/36=222 lamp.Generally used in mines, warehouses, production workshops, factories and other places, it is not only a long-term light, but also a high demand for service life, heat dissipation and brightness, and a good manufacturer should be chosen.Matters needing attention1, LED industrial and mining lights and driving power must be installed in an open position, which is conducive to heat dissipation.2, we must regularly clean up the LED industrial and mining lights and the dust of the driving power, so as to ensure good heat dissipation.
  •     In the field of LED industrial lighting, most of the lamps are single in shape, simple in design and cumbersome in installation. It's like walking through a manual workshop in 80s.After doing a lot of market research, Shang hung has found that besides the performance of lamps and lanterns, customers also have higher requirements for appearance. Combining the technical experience of Shang hung lighting and the introduction of UFO Tiantan's flying saucer high shed industrial and mining lamp, it combines the inherent high performance + appearance high color value. 鳍片散热+PC高光效透镜Good cooling system will greatly improve the life of lamps and reduce the decay of light. Coupled with high efficiency lenses, you need not worry about the low brightness and the darker use of lamps. Protection level of IP65 + long to the outgoing warrantyWaterproof and dust-proof is suitable for all kinds of bad working environment. 3 to 5 years warranty period makes you have no worries. German imported OSRAM chip + convenient installation methodThe rigorous craft of the Germanic people will not make any mistakes in the work of lamps and lanterns. A simple iron chain can hold him firmly in his post. No need for tedious, only to let you save.                                          The style of life lies in your taste, and the quality of the product lies in your choice. Only choose the right time will prove your rationality and vision.The premise of the service is profit, the profit space can be squeezed, but it can not disappear, otherwise there will be service along with the loss of profits.Making lamps and lanterns is a conscience. We would rather explain the price for a while, and never apologize to customers for their quality.“抢别人的单,断自己的路!”以低价接单的企业只看重眼前利益,看似迫不得已的个体选择却在危害行业整体的健康发展。这样的经营模式持续不了多久,而且在行业转型升级的过程中,企业也丧失了从产品开发、工艺创新等方面提升的能力,其发展道路只能越走越窄,到头来会发现这是条死胡同。其实,在价格战的博弈中,企业完全可以靠挖掘自身优势,获取更多利益。——靠产品说话,完胜价格战!
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