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How to install the LED lamp?

LED recommended 30W installation height: 3M installation spacing: 10-15m

LED recommended 40W installation height: 4m installation spacing: 15-20m

LED recommended 45W installation height: 5m installation spacing: 15-18m

LED recommended 50W installation height: 6m installation spacing: 18-22m

LED recommended 55W installation height: 7m installation spacing: 20-23m

LED recommended 60W installation height: 8m installation spacing: 23-25m

Matters needing attention

1. LED industrial and mining lights and driving power must be installed in an open space, which is conducive to heat dissipation.

2., we must regularly clean up the LED industrial and mining lights and the dust of the driving power, so as to ensure good heat dissipation.

The Shang hung lighting industrial and mining lamp is divided into three parts in the packaging box, the lamp body, lampshade and accessories (several screws, convex lens, fixed hanging ring).

1, after taking out the items in the package, first check the items.

2, fix the convex lens on the lamp body, pay attention to the hole position. When placing the correct position, the COB light source should be in the middle position of the convex lens, and the screw should be tightened.

3. The lamp shade is fixed on the lamp body. For the sake of convenient operation, the lamp body can be inverted on the table first, and then the lamp shade is picked up to position the hole on the lamp body. Tighten with the screw!

4. Hang the ring on the lamp body. The fixed hook is threaded and can be directly fasten on the lamp body.

5. The assembly steps are completed. Next, the hanging rings of the LED industrial and mining lamps are aligned to the reserved hooks.

6, the wiring of the remaining LED industrial and mining lights has been worked. Attention should be paid to the distinction between zero line and fire line. To ensure safety, please install by professional electricians.

Generally speaking, the installation procedure of LED industrial and mining lamps is like this. After installation, remember the electricity detection.

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