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How to choose LED industrial and mining lights?

As an ordinary consumer, we choose the product to take more account of the price of the product, then the appearance quality, and so on. Sometimes the price exceeds the budget, and will choose to give up the purchase. But choosing LED industrial and mining lamps in industry must lighten the price factors, instead of paying no attention to price, but choosing products with higher cost performance. How can we choose products that are more suitable for our needs?

Here is a brief introduction to the selection method.

First, import chip, export quality brand guarantee:

The imported chip is used to optimize the LED packaging structure to achieve the advantages of low light failure, high light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The key components of the power supply use the world brand to ensure the service life of the lamps.

Two. High efficiency heat dissipation:

The crystal lens is used to distribute light to meet the lighting needs of different occasions. The design of the permeable structure is adopted to optimize the heat dissipation structure to ensure the life of lamps and lanterns.

Three, high quality lamp body:

Light alloy material, special seal and surface coating treatment, ensure that the lamp is never corroded in the bad environment such as damp and high temperature. The lamp body that never rusts and is made of aerospace aluminum material, the surface is treated with anodizing and hardening, and the texture is thick, compression resistant and wearable, never fading.

Four. Imported lenses:

The imported integrated V level optical PMA lens has high transmittance of over 95% and uniform luminescence.

Five. Drive power supply:

Silicone perfusion, heat dissipation is stronger, waterproof grade IP65, high precision current constant, ensure product life longer.

Six, aluminum mask:

The use of high quality aluminum diffuser, light efficiency divergence, wider range of illumination, concentrated light astigmatism, multiple options, suitable for daily environmental lighting.

Seven. Power connection:

The crude industrial grade copper wire, the international standard three core wire, has stronger conductivity, safer and more durable.

Eight, to create a professional lighting solution:

The outer shell uses aluminum alloy (customer's optional), the outer cover adopts high efficiency lens (customer's optional), heat dissipate with copper sheet and aluminum alloy strip to heat natural air to make heat dissipate more, and will change continuously with different needs of customers. The power of LED industrial and mining lamp is only 20% of sodium lamp, equivalent to 100W's LED industry and mine. The lamp can replace the 500W sodium lamp, especially in line with the "green low carbon" proposed by the state.

Knowing above, I believe that when you choose LED industrial and mining lights, you will take comprehensive consideration. Hangzhou Shang hung lighting serves you wholeheartedly.

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